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Electric Bike for Seniors: Riding From Clermont to Winter Garden

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Electric Bike for Seniors: Riding From Clermont to Winter Garden

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Electric bike for seniors | Watch our ebike 55 plus experience

We recently had an exciting opportunity at Explore55Plus to test out the Espin Nesta folding electric bike for seniors. We were curious about what it would be like for our clients living in a 55 plus community to explore on an ebike, so we embarked on a 13-mile marathon from Clermont to Winter Garden on the Florida Coast to Coast Trail.

We’re not necessarily experts at writing a folding electric bike review — we didn’t even know if electric bikes can go up to 20, or even 50 to 60 mph. But based on our own experience at Explore55Plus, we would definitely say it should be considered one of the best electric bikes for exploring and running errands in a 55+ community.

Are E-Bikes Good for Older Adults?

If you’re wondering if electric bikes are good for seniors, you might want to consider that a great way for those wanting to lose weight can be by riding an electric bike around your 55-plus community. A recent study proved riding an electric bike with a pedal assist mode helped riders burn 444 calories per hour. When compared to pedaling with a traditional bike, riders burned 552 calories per hour. With only a 20 percent difference, you can lose weight at your own pace while you explore the advantages and convenience of 55+ communities for seniors.

Source: Electric Bike Blog

You want the best electric bike for your lifestyle. The Espin Nest is a dependable option!

  • What are the advantages of electric bikes? The most dependable electric bike features we loved of the Espin ebike for 55+ include the kickstand, headlight option, stability, easy-to-read 1-5 gas range and the ability to ride with regular gear.
  • What are the disadvantages of electric bikes? Although the e bike is relatively easy to handle, one of the negative reviews we noted for 55 plus communities is that the fat tire electric bike can be a little heavy and clunky to fold and put into a car.

About the Espin E-Bike

According to review experts at Electric Bike Report, the Espin Nesta folding ebike is considered a Class 3 foldable all-terrain electric bike and comes with a 750W motor, 48V, 10.5Ah battery and 100mm suspension fork.

The Espin Nesta electric bike compares well to reviews from other foldable fat tire electric bikes their team has tested in the past — including the RadMini 4, and Lectric XP. The Espin Nesta electric folding bike is a better bang for your buck though, in case you are struggling to decide what type of electric bike to get.

Pros of E-Bikes for 55+:

  • Options – It isn't just one specific style of bike
  • Good Value – You get excellent quality and performance for the price
  • Solid Battery Life – You shouldn’t run out of battery on your e-bike when checking out fun 55 plus amenities or riding to the store as long as you stay on top of charging the ebike
  • All-Terrain Capabilities – Nicky loved that the fat tire ebike made it easy to ride over potholes, sand, leaves and more while feeling stable and secure
  • Easy-to-Learn Riding Style – You’ll also find it fairly easy to balance and handle this folding fat tire e-bike
  • All contact points on this e-bike are comfortable
  • The 750W rear hub motor is powerful enough to make to the top of steep hills with little effort

Cons of E-Bikes for 55+:

  • The LCD display is a little dim which can be difficult to see if bright outside
  • Storage racks have weight ratings of just 11 lbs on the front and about 40 lbs on the rear

The Nesta is one of the best e bike options for 55+ adults and can be an excellent option for picking up groceries, visiting friends, stopping by the bar and more. With both the versatility and price point, the Espin Nesta is a great choice for just about anyone who wants to pedal an electric bicycle throughout their 55-plus community.

Check out the full Espin Nesta folding electric bike review.

55 Plus Community Giveaway

Congrats to our client on winning a brand-new electric bicycle in The Villages. A very popular active adult community in Central Florida, The Villages is also the largest 55-plus community in the world. We’re thrilled she gets to try out the Espin experience!

Quick Specs for The Villages:

  • Starting Home Price Starting at $170,000
  • HOA Fees: $164 per month
  • CDD Fees: $85 per month
  • Annual Property Taxes: $940 per $100,000 home value

More Communities to Learn About: Is Solivita a good place to live? Is Solivita a gated community?

Final Thoughts

Stay tuned for more updates like this from Explore55Plus. We had such a fun time learning how to put this e-bike together. If you have any ideas you’d like to contribute, let us know! In the meantime, you can take advantage of the 55 Plus eBike Discount below. We do get a small kickback!

Be sure to also check out our full YouTube video of our ebike experience! We enjoy finding new ways to check out and explore all the 55-plus communities in Central Florida. Hope you have a few laughs — thanks again to Espin for the opportunity to experience this for ourselves and share it with our network!

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