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Why We Retired in Royal Highlands 55+ Community

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Why we retired in Royal Highlands 55+ community.

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Why We Retired in Royal Highlands 55+ Community

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Join Mike and Robbin as they discuss their journey of finding a retirement community with Explore55plus.

Discovering Royal Highlands

In the serene landscape of Leesburg, Florida, lies Royal Highlands, a haven for those 55 and above seeking more than just a retirement home. This welcoming community blends the tranquility of picturesque surroundings with the vibrancy of active adult living. Join us as we explore the journey of Mike and Robin, who realized their retirement dreams in the thriving Royal Highlands 55+ Community. From the first steps of their search to their life today, their story is a testament to the endless adventures and opportunities that Royal Highlands offers its residents.

Mike and Robin's Story: From Research to Reality

Our journey begins with Mike and Robin, who embarked on a two-year quest for the perfect retirement destination. From the rolling hills of Tennessee to the sunny skies of Florida, they meticulously compared options. "We looked at Tennessee, Alabama, Kentucky, the Carolinas, Georgia... But, Florida? There's no comparison when you come to 55 plus neighborhoods," Mike reflects. Their thorough approach, supported by detailed spreadsheets and extensive research, eventually led them to the welcoming gates of Royal Highlands.

Royal Highlands' Allure: A Community That Checks All Boxes

What sets Royal Highlands apart? For Mike and Robin, it was the perfect blend of rural charm and rich amenities. "This community had everything we wanted – a golf course, pool, crafts, and a dance studio," Robin shares. Their active lifestyle was a key factor in their decision, echoing the sentiments of many who seek a community that offers both relaxation and engagement.

Guided by Expertise: Explore55Plus Makes the Difference

In their quest for the ideal retirement community, Mike and Robin found an invaluable resource in Explore55Plus and, more specifically, in the expertise of Mary, their seasoned agent. Her deep understanding of the 55+ community landscape and her keen ability to match client needs with the right environment played a pivotal role in their decision-making process.

Reflecting on their experience, Mike shared, "When we contacted Mary, she said, 'Look at your community first, get what you want in your community, then narrow down the houses.' That’s what I put on my spreadsheet." This advice was pivotal, focusing their search on communities before homes. Mary's approach helped them prioritize their desires, like having a golf course and a pool, both of which Royal Highlands offered abundantly.

Robin praised Mary's role in their decision-making process, "Every box was checked," she said, reflecting on how the community met all their criteria. Mary’s expertise was not just in matching amenities but in understanding the lifestyle and the spirit of the communities. As Mike put it, "Mary helped us focus. She pointed out how Royal Highlands matched our desire for a golf course community that was a bit rural yet vibrant with activities."

Their journey with Mary was marked by her responsiveness and attentiveness. "No matter what day of the week, no matter what time of day, we sent an email or a text to Mary and boom, we got the information," Mike recalled. This level of commitment from Mary ensured that their worries disappeared as they transitioned to life in Florida.

Mary’s guidance was more than just finding a home; it was about finding the right community fit. Mike and Robin's story is a testament to the personalized, in-depth service provided by Explore55Plus. It's not just about the house but about the community, the lifestyle, and finding where you truly belong.

Reflections and Advice: Wisdom for Future Retirees

Looking back, Mike and Robin appreciate the time and effort they invested in their search. They emphasize the importance of thorough research, Mike explains, "The thing I'm very happy we did was the amount of time that we invested into just the investigation and the research." Their diligent approach to exploring different communities and understanding what each had to offer was crucial in their decision-making process.

They also advised on financial aspects, "Stay within your criteria, your budget... so you're not disappointed." Being realistic about finances ensures that retirees can enjoy their new lifestyle without financial strain.

Living the Life: Thriving in Royal Highlands

Today, Mike and Robin are more than just residents of Royal Highlands; they are vibrant members of a community that resonates with their lifestyle and values. From water aerobics to neighborly gatherings, their days are filled with joy and activity. "This is it," they say, a testament to finding their perfect match in Royal Highlands.

Your Journey Awaits: Explore with Us

Are you envisioning your ideal retirement? Let Explore55Plus guide you through the vast array of options in 55+ communities. Like Mike and Robin, your perfect retirement home is out there, waiting to be discovered. Connect with an agent at Explore55Plus or contact us directly to begin your journey to a fulfilling retirement.

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