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Why We Left England For Our Dream Retirement in Ocala, Florida

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Why We Left England For Our Dream Retirement in Ocala, Florida

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Join Nicky, J Michael and Claire as they sit down with The Websters who traded England for the 55+ community of SummerGlen in sunny Florida!

In the heart of Central Florida, amidst warm and welcoming 55+ communities, lies a story of a couple's journey to find their dream retirement home. Liz and Ian, a lovely pair ready to move from their bustling life in England to the retirement capital of the United States, embarked on a transformative adventure with Explore55Plus that reshaped their idea of home and community.

A Leap Across the Atlantic

Liz, originally from Detroit, and Ian, from the UK, were no strangers to the complexities of real estate. Yet, their move to the United States presented an array of unique challenges and opportunities. Ian was understandably concerned about hurricanes, which steered them away from options on Florida's coasts. Instead, they sought a location that offered safety, serenity, and a strong sense of community. Their search led them to Ocala, Florida, a region known for its lush landscapes and lively 55 plus communities. With Explore55Plus, Liz and Ian were able to discover a wealth of resources and videos that helped them compare different communities, eventually setting their hearts on a community that felt just right.

Finding the Perfect Fit

After some research, the couple had a clear vision of what they were looking for. Ideally, a community that was active but not overwhelming, where life was more relaxed and residents shared their laid-back, adventurous spirit. They were also hoping for a place with mature trees, established homes, and a variety of amenities that catered to their lifestyle, all while being tucked away from the fast pace of city life. Their journey through Explore55Plus's curated content led them to a community that not only ticked all their boxes but also offered the unexpected delight of golf cart parades, along with a welcoming atmosphere that embraced new residents with open arms: SummerGlen.

The Role of Explore55Plus' Expertise in Navigating Change

Liz and Ian's transition was significantly eased by the expert guidance they received from their Explore55Plus Expert, Claire. Claire's understanding of the English market, along with her commitment to their needs, made a world of difference. From virtual tours across the ocean, to personalized advice at every part of their move, Claire embodied the informative, welcoming, and enthusiastic spirit of Explore55Plus. Her efforts to understand to Liz and Ian's specific needs—right down to finding furniture for their new home—highlighted the personalized service that makes Explore55Plus stand out.

A Community That Feels Like Home

The sense of community Liz and Ian found at SummerGlen exceeded their expectations. In the UK, neighbors felt like strangers despite proximity. But their new home in the Sunshine State brought them closer to those around them. Liz shared, 'It's better, it's not what I expected. Here we know everybody around us and they have made sure that we do know them.'

The Explore55Plus Advantage

Liz and Ian's journey to find their dream retirement home in Central Florida is an ideal example of the personalized approach of Explore55Plus. With expert guides like Claire, thorough research, and a deep understanding of the nuances of retiring in Florida, Explore55Plus is made to make retirement dreams come true.

As Liz and Ian continue to make more friends and enjoy life in SummerGlen, their story is a great example for retirees looking to embark on a similar journey. Explore55Plus is ready to guide, support, and celebrate each step of the way, ensuring a seamless transition into a retirement home that's not just a place to live, but a place to thrive.

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