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Are we happy we left D.C.? Why we chose Trilogy Orlando 55+ Community

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Aerial view of the clubhouse at Trilogy

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Are we happy we left D.C.? Why we chose Trilogy Orlando 55+ Community

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Join two of the newest residents of Trilogy Orlando, Mike and Greg, along with their Explore55Plus agent Tricia, as they discuss their move from Washington D.C. to Orlando, Florida.
Aerial view of the clubhouse at Trilogy

Mike and Greg spent spent the majority of the last decade moving from city to city. As they began to approach retirement, they knew that they wanted to find a place where they could enjoy their golden years surrounded by warm weather and friendly people. After doing some research, they decided that Trilogy Orlando 55+ was the perfect community for them. In this blog, discover why Trilogy Orlando was their top choice and how Explore55Plus assisted in finding their retirement home.

Moving From Washington D.C.

Mike and Greg's journey started well before they reached the beautiful grounds of the Trilogy Orlando 55+ community. At the time, they were living in Washington D.C. and had moved multiple times because of work. Needless to say, they were ready to settle down.

After researching the move for about a year and a half, they decided a 55+ community was ideal to keep them active around people of the same age. They only needed to know where to retire in Florida.

Although they had lived in nice homes, they craved the enjoyable and cheerful community ambiance they were lacking. The golf courses, pools, and sports facilities of a retirement community in Orlando, Florida gave them the exact amenities they needed for an active retirement.

When Mike and Greg were ready to make the move, they found the assistance they needed to relocate by discovering the Explore55Plus YouTube channel.

Working With Explore55Plus

Prior to contacting Explore55Plus, Mike and Greg had already viewed nearly every video available on retiring in Florida.

It was clear Explore55Plus agents were experts on retiring in Florida, even something as specific as retiring near their favorite place - Disney World. Because of this, the couple decided to reach out and easily connected with their agent online through the Explore website.

Despite not having immediate plans to relocate, the couple visited retirement communities in Orlando, Florida to gain a deeper understanding of the area and available options. It wasn't long before their agent showed them the Trilogy Orlando 55+ community that would ultimately become their ideal community with their dream home.

Choosing Their Community

Once their Explore55Plus agent, Tricia, showed Mike and Greg the Trilogy grounds they were immediately floored. Huge resort-style pools, an event-packed clubhouse, Disney was close by, and access to stores and restaurants made the location perfect.

The couple was sure they had found one of the best central Florida retirement communities, but they still didn't have plans on moving right away. Right before they were about to return to Washington D.C., a home became available, prompting them to quickly contact their agent to take a look.

The Explore55Plus team helped them get a viewing that same day and within 15-minute of being there, Mike and Greg knew they had found their forever home.

Tips For Future Retirees

Now that Mike and Greg have settled into their home, they have some tips for others looking to do the same.

Their first advice? Don't wait! As the couple says, no one gets more time so it's important that you act as soon as possible. Even though they didn't plan on moving for two years, they knew the moment they saw the home they had to put in an offer.

Both of them have said the retirement lifestyle has changed how they live. They also recommend sticking through the process even when it gets rough. The couple had to sell their previous home and make the move all in one go. Although hard and stressful, they said it was all worth it once you take that first trip to the pool.

Mike and Greg are now incredibly happy in their retirement home at Trilogy Orlando. From having access to endless fun activities to the beautiful homes around them. What Mike and Greg thought would take years to find was a breeze with the help of Explore55Plus.

Whatever your ideal retirement looks like, Explore55Plus will provide you with options that best suit your needs. Put your trust in Explore55Plus's expertise and high-quality services today and start planning the next chapter of your life. Take the first step towards fulfilling those retirement dreams and reach out to Explore55Plus to help you find your perfect retirement home!

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